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Hi, my name is Peter and I provide world-class training for the incredibly talented people in the Medical Device Industry. My training focuses on the product development of medical devices and related areas such as project management, design control, quality management, and risk management.

I think that when you work with medical devices you are blessed – not only do you get to work with the latest technology, but you also get to make a difference to people’s lives.

Early Career

I started my career in the Defence industry. This might sound like a strange place to start for someone who is now working with medical devices but it was actually a fantastic place to begin. When you connect electronics and software to thousands of kilos of TNT, you need to know what you’re doing. The same can be said when you connect a pump to the heart of a live human being.

Doing the Day Job – The LUCAS Device

My first medical device project was the LUCAS Device, a mechanical chest compression device for patients with cardiac arrest. I was the technical manager and brought the product to market. The company was later acquired by Medtronic. Today the product is part of Stryker and used all around the world.

Doing the Day Job – Ex Vivo Perfusion of Lungs

In more recent years I was part of starting VivoLine Medical AB, and developing a system for Ex Vivo Perfusion of lungs to recondition, evaluate and preserve lungs outside the body to increase the amount of available lungs for transplantation. It was almost science-fiction. This company was later also acquired.

Founding Medical Device HQ

In 2008 I founded Medical Device HQ (originally called Gantus AB) and in 2008, I held my first course in Project Management for Medical Device Product Development and I loved it! I pride myself in making training fun, because after all what could be more fun than developing ground-breaking medical devices that can make an impact on people’s lives. I will help you master both the management aspects and regulatory requirements of Medical Device Product Development.

MedicalDeviceHQ - Atendees Growth curve 2009-2018


I have been amazed by the success of my courses. The last few years have seen an almost exponential growth of course participants. I get immense pleasure through training people and passing on the extensive knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the last 25 years. People like the expertise, engagement, motivation and inspiration that they get from me. I would also like to think that my ‘Evaluation scores’ of 4.8/5 attest to this.

The future

I want to make sure that I practice what I preach which is why still do consulting assignments. I also hold board positions in a number of medical device companies and am a member of the Joint Working Groups involved with international standardization work. I see myself both influencing medical device companies along with training the next generation of medical device practitioners in the future.

I hope I get to meet you soon.

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