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Peter Sebelius portraitAt the heart of Medical Device HQ’s world-class instruction is its founder and head trainer Peter Sebelius, who founded the company in 2008.

It was during his early days as an engineer that Peter developed the same kind of precision, focus, and attention to detail that have become the hallmark of Medical Device HQ’s training.

And while this statistical, by-the-numbers type of guy goes to great lengths with all the training to track progress and measure outcomes, spend any amount of time with Peter, and you will quickly realise this is way more than just training to him.

Medical Device HQ is the embodiment of Peter’s vision to help as many as possible bring medical devices to market in the most efficient way.

The learning environment

Quick-witted and armed with a somewhat dry sense of humour, Peter brings a unique combination of learning and motivation in a fun-filled environment, with mastery of topics and regulations that, on the surface, can appear to be quite dense.

But it is the significance of the work, the purpose, or, some would even say the calling Peter has, that separates Medical Device HQ’s offering from others, underlined quite succinctly by Peter himself:

“I think that when you work with medical devices, you are blessed,”  he says. “Not only do you get to work with the latest technology, you also make a difference in people’s lives.”

Peter’s training focuses on the product development of medical devices and related areas such as Project Management, Design Control, Quality Management, and Risk Management.

Now, more subject matter experts have joined the vision by delivering other high-quality courses on Medical Device Software Development and Safety for Electrical Medical Devices.

One of the benefits of Medical Device HQ’s live training is the 8 participants limit per class, which was pioneered by Peter.

Believing the objective should be to provide training that is realistic and, in many ways, more beneficial than attending in person, these smaller, more intimate training sessions allow Peter to do what he does best: instruct, inspire, motivate, and mentor, while having fun along the way.

Growth & success

Over the course of the past decade, the attendee numbers have risen to thousands at this point. Peter and his talented team take pride in the fact that, during 2020, Medical Device HQ has experienced significant growth.

What is even more impressive is the 4.8/5 Evaluation Score, meaning that Peter’s training is very well-received by the people who matter the most – the course participants.

Connect with Peter

Peter’s reach goes way beyond the virtual classroom.

Feel free to connect with him through LinkedIn, and make sure you follow Medical Device HQ there as well. You’ll find short introductory training there, but for more content head over to his YouTube videos.

Available for a select number of consultancy projects and assignments, Peter has also held board positions in a number of medical device companies, together with being a member of the technical committees involved with international standardization.

Excited about influencing the medical device industry as a whole, together with training the next generation of medical device practitioners, Peter feels that, in many ways, he is just getting started.

And you’re very much invited to join him on this journey!

Connect with Peter and when making your LinkedIn request, let him know that you read about him through the Medical Device HQ website.


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The course gave a magnificent overview of the necessary design controls needed to bring a product to market. I look forward to bringing my newly acquired knowledge back to my organisation.

Lene Kristin Wilhelmsen

PMO, Excitus AS

This course was great! The instructors energy and enthusiasm came across just as if we were in a traditional classroom setting. I thought the online part of the course was engaging and interactive and the checkpoint quizzes were really useful.

Mikael Arinder

Vice President Operations, Iconovo AB

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