Training courses, templates & coaching for professionals working within the medical device industry

Become more confident in medical device product development. Join thousands of medical device professionals that take our highly-rated public and customised blended (online + live virtual class), classroom and online courses. Topics include risk management, design control, project management, quality management, software development, usability engineering, safety for medical devices, clinical investigation and the Medical Device Regulation.

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Take the hassle out of medical device product development

We provide world-class training that enables you to put theory into practice using real life scenarios and case studies. Our training also includes user-friendly templates, checklists and reference materials to make your life easier. And our courses are both fun and engaging!

Know what is enough from a regulatory point-of-view

We will show you how regulatory processes and best practices can help you be effective. Our lean and pragmatic approach means that you won’t end up overdoing things from a regulatory point. By the end of the course, you will not only understand the principles of medical device product development better, but you will believe in them.

Take the next step in your career

Become a medical device guru amongst your colleagues. You will not only understand the big picture but also the details behind it. You will understand industry language better which will help avoid miscommunication and reduce frustration. And, the certificate you will receive at the end of the course will prove your competence with auditors! All of this can help further your career.

Blended courses (online + live virtual class)

Our state of the art blended courses combine online training with live virtual classroom sessions, led by an industry expert. This way, the theory is learnt first at your own pace, before being put into practice, using case studies and real-life scenarios, during the classroom session. The online training can be started immediately. We currently offer this type of course for Design Control for Medical Devices, Project Management for Product Development of Medical Devices, Risk Management for Medical Devices, Safety for Electrical Medical Devices, Medical Software Development, and Usability Engineering.


Click on the button to view the full range of our expertly crafted professional templates which will help you create the required documentation to meet ISO 13485 or QSR requirements.


Find fresh and useful information, tips and tricks regarding project management, product development and design control from professionals in the medical device industry.

Online courses

Our high quality, self-managed, online learning courses can be completed in your own time. You have access for 6 months and can pause, resume and repeat as many times as you like! The course consists of pre-recorded lessons, quizzes and a final exam. Upon completion, you will receive a course certificate for your training records. Currently available are courses in Design Control, Usability Engineering, Safety for Electrical Medical Devices, Risk Management, Software for Medical Devices, Medical Device Regulation, Quality Management, Introduction to Working in the Medical Device Industry and Project Management.

How to Online courses

Our short courses focus on single topics and explain real-life scenarios and working with templates available on Medical Device HQ platform is a great way to introduce yourself to the flow and structure of our regular online courses. Currently available are the course on creating a Design and Development Plan, and course on creating a Risk Management Plan.

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