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Software Safety Classification Template

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This template will provide you with a boilerplate to document your software safety classification and the rationale behind it. The template is based on the requirements in clause 4.3 of IEC 62304:2006/AMD1:2015.



Why it is useful

Software safety classification, SSC, is essential for establishing an appropriate process rigour when developing medical device software.

The standard IEC 62304 does not require specific software safety classification documentation. It suffices with a documented statement concluding your stance on the classification. However, from to time, the classification might be challenged, both internally and externally. It is helpful to have a solid rationale for the classification documented when it happens.

Furthermore, when outsourcing software development, it can be wise to own the software safety classification and use it as guidance to control the relationship with an external vendor.

This template provides a pathway to capture the rationale behind your conclusion about the determined software safety classification.


How to use it

  1. If you are developing brand-new software, the assumption should be that the software is class C (the highest), until you have proven that it is a lower class. Initiate the software safety classification early to avoid meeting requirements that apply to higher classes of software than necessary.
  2. In mature projects, re-evaluate the software safety classification whenever there are significant changes to the:
    1. risk management file, or
    2. software requirements



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