Cancellation policy

live virtual class / classroom sessions

Can I change my live virtual class date or cancel my participation?

This is an informational text about our cancellation policy. The legally binding terms are in the terms or service, that you agree to when registering for the course.

The blended course combines an on-demand online training course with a live virtual classroom session, led by an industry expert. You have access to the online course for 6 months. But you must successfully complete the final exam prior to the classroom session.

The classroom session has max 8 participants. And when you register, you reserve a seat on a specific live virtual class that will commence on a specific date. The available dates are found on the course page and you will select the date during check-out.

Should you want to cancel participation in the live virtual class or change dates when there is less than 30 days left to the live virtual class, there is no refund of the course fee. Thus you cannot change dates to a later live virtual class without cost.



Because our courses are often full, and the seats are limited, and if a course participant change seats, we are left with an empty seat or miss the revenue from a seat on the next live virtual class. The same is true if you become ill and cannot attend for that reason. Cancellation policies in the training industry in general will not have any refunds when there is less than 30-45 days left to the course.


What can be done if you can’t make the live virtual class or want to reschedule?

   1) Reach out to us 10 days before the next live virtual class to inquire if there are any available seats (you can find the date of the next live virtual class on our website). On a case-by-case basis, we may be able to offer you a seat on the next live virtual class at no cost if there are available seats, or you can

   2) Purchase a seat on the next live virtual class (you will only pay for the live virtual class, not the online course, at a cost of 699 – 999 EUR depending on the course),

For more details and information about cancellations before 30 days of the live virtual class, see the terms of service.