A guide to what lifetime access means

Product lifetime access

On the condition that you complete the online course and the final exam within 6 months from enrolment, you will have lifetime access to the online course.  

Please note, that at the time of publishing this guide, not all of our courses have lifetime access. Check the individual course pages for details.  

What does lifetime access mean?  

It means that you have access to the course for at least 6 months and then for as long as the online course is offered at the Website and no significant changes have been made to the online course.  

What is a significant change?

We continuously implement minor updates to our courses based on changes to the regulatory requirements and feedback from the course participants. These are only minor changes and you will keep your access to the course when we implement them.

However, sometimes we need to make larger updates, which may change the outline of the course significantly. If and when we do that on an existing course, it would make life very difficult for those currently going through the course with videos appearing or disappearing while progressing through the course. It would be very messy and confusing, like watching all the Game of Thrones episodes in random order. And we don’t want that.

In such cases, we will create a new version of the course in our systems. The existing version will still be available for those that have already been enrolled in it (for a minimum of 6 months from enrollment), but eventually the existing version will be retired and you will no longer have access to it. If you wanted to enrol in the new version of the course, you would need to purchase it.

Please note, significant changes could also include changes to automations or technology that we run in the background to keep the course administration running.

Other things that can expire the course access 

If one of our subject matter experts (trainers) should part ways with Medical Device HQ, it would also mean that you would lose access to the course, but not before six months from enrolment.  

If you lose access to your username and password, you will not only lose access to the course, but also your account. Please don’t do that. And remember to update your profile if you change jobs to allow you to still have access.  

The binding terms 

This is a guide to understanding the lifeftime access. The binding terms can be found in the Terms of Service sections 5.4 and 5.5.

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