From abroad

You should fly either to Copenhagen airport (preferred) or Malmö Airport.

From Copenhagen Airport by Train

Taking the train from Copenhagen airport to Malmö C is probably the most convenient way of getting to Malmö. Trains from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö Central Station departs every 20 minutes and take about 35 minutes. Train tickets from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö Central station must be bought BEFORE stepping on the train. The one way ticket will be about 15€. Tickets can be bought at the airport either from vending machines or from ticket offices easily located at the airport hall. Please note that you may have to show your passport on the train at Hyllie Station once you have crossed the Öresund strait on the bridge.

Once at Malmö Central station, getting to the hotel is easy. If you are going to Radisson Blu and is fond of walking, it only takes about 10 minutes. The train ticket to Malmö C will also be valid on Malmö City Buses (green buses). You may take line 3 towards Värnhem and get off at Caroli. It normally departs every 5-7 minutes and takes about 2 minutes. If you consider taxis, please note the general warning below regarding Taxis.

From Copenhagen Airport by Taxi

You can take a taxi from Copenhagen airport. We recommend either Taxi Skåne or Taxi Kurir. These taxi companies are not always waiting at the airport, thus it might be a good idea to pre-book. Agree with the taxi drivers on the price before the trip. Taxi Skåne will charge about 90€ for the trip.

Beware, taxi pricing is not regulated in Sweden, thus prices vary a lot and some taxi companies will try to exploit visitors with twice the normal rate or higher. You can check prices for an example trip on the yellow stickers on the windows of the taxis. Normal prices on the example trip should be in the 270-300 SEK range.

From Malmö Airport

The hotel is 30 km from Malmö Airport and there is an airport bus service from Malmö Airport to Malmö city center. Tickets for the airport bus can be bought at the airport or on the bus. It takes about 40 minutes and the bus stops about 100 meters from the hotel. It is then a few minutes walk to the hotel.

Even though we do our best to keep this updated, things may change, which is why we highly recommend that you check out transportation services, prices, maps and locations as well as parking information before arriving. You may also check the google maps for a detailed description on driving/routes.

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